janvier 2021

Bonne Année 2021

Les premiers evenements sont prevus pour le mois de juin...


Noel est arrivé un mois a l'avance grace au Group Buy .

Si vous avez acheté des pieces et aimeras partager les photos de vos projets... svp envoyez moi un couriel


SI vous voules importez d'autre morceaux au mois d'avril; laissez moi savoir.

Pierre Gilles a commandé une interieur de Newton Commercial qui sera prete a al fin du mars.




Code Rouge a Montreal.... aucune reunion permit.

Restez chez vous et continuez vos projets.


Nouveaux membres:

Jean P, Orleans, Ontario. 1979 Mini.

Philippe M-T, St Hubert, 1976 Mini .

Mimi N, Los Angeles, sa Mini 1974 est stationné a Montreal depuis 18 ans.

Stephen J, Guelph , On, 1970 Mini van.

Laurent C, Granby Qc, il a acheté un Mini de Denis a Kingston.

James V, Sarnia  Ontario, En traine de remonter un Speedwell S,

Sean N. Sarnia, a vendu sa Mini a Chuck C. il va chercher une autre bientot.

Carl R,  1978 Mini Java Vert  remissé 2009 ...

Denis S. 1978 Mini Rallye, etait membre de 1991-1994.

Frank W  Perth Ontario. White Mini street legal former racer.

Mark D. Kahnawake,QC il a trouvé son Mini dans un champ.

Mathieu C Ile -Bizard. Mathieu a son Mini depuis 20 ans.

Wally C of Woodlawn Ontario.

Roy P of Dieppe NB   1987 Mini.

José C of Pierrefonds Mini vert lime 1275cc de Toronto.

Perry C de Laval  cherche un Mini

Frederic D. Levis Quebec.

Felix Gougeon-L in Ste Therese   Mini vert.

Blair B, Brossard. 1969 Mini Java vert qui est d'origine d'Alberta.


Gabriel Trahan D. 1971 Mini vert et blanc avec une histoire dans le club.Recennement cet Mini etait a Saguenay. Maintenant c'est a Montreal.


Arthur M de Victoriaville , Il a un Mini 1979, future projet V-tec.

Philippe L de Candiac qui a acheté une Mini rouge 1978 de Swift Current a Saskatchewan.

Ali S d'Angleterre qui demenage a Toronto avec sa 1999 Mini.

Daniel G de Candiac avec une Mini bleu d''Alberta.

Denis L de Kingston qui a deux Minis un Clubman wagon  et un Sedan.

Les nouvelles t-shirts sont  $10 manches courtes  $12 xl,xxl,xxxl ou xxxxl . $15 manches longues... petit, moyen ou large oi xl. Gris Charcoal ou noire...

Merci d'encouragé notre club sans but lucratif.

 IMM 2022 est en Allemagne du 26 au 30 mai.

  Pour L'Allemagne je suis disponible et je parle Allemande!


Pierre B cherche 2 ou 3 roues Rostyle 4.5 x 10... en avez vous?  pierregillesbertrand@videotron.ca

Il y a un site web pour faire votre Mini du reve: www.oildrippers.de


January 2021

Happy New Year,

the first events are tentatively in June.


Christmas came one month early to all of our members who took part in the September group buy..

Now the fun begins. You can email me photos of your stuff and your projects if you are willing to share. rileydeb@bell.net

Several members have expressed the desire to have another shipment in the Spring.

Pierre Gilles B has ordered his complete interior from Newton Commercial that will be ready in March.

So if you are wanting to order something big or heavy let us know.

Benoit Lavigne, former Mini owner is now an evaluator at PG.

So if you are in need of an evaluation for your insurance and are in the Montreal area. reach out.

Code Red for all of Montreal area has all of our events cancelled... be safe. Stay in and work on your Minis.

We have lost our meeting location. Due to Covid 19 Our meeting place of the last 7 years Barbies aka Resto Bar Dorval has closed it doors for good. 

As soon as the government lets us gather... in the meantime join us on the Facebook page.

We have a few places in mind and will be contacting them as they reopen to see if they are willing to host us.

The group buy is leaving the UK on Wednesday and should arrive around the 16th.


Welcome to new members:

Jean P, Orleans , Ontario. 1979 Mini that was his dad's..

Mimi N, Los Angeles, Ca 1974 Mini that has been parked in Montreal for 18 years,,,


Stephen J, Guelph , Ont with a 1970 Mini van.

Laurent C, Granby Qc, Bought a Mini from Denis in Kingston.

James V, Sarnia, Ont. Currently building a Speedwell S.


Sean N, Sarnia,Ont Just sold his Mini to Chuck but will get another one.. eventually.

Dennis S Ile-Perrot, 1979 Rallye Mini (former member 1991-1994) welcome back.

Carl R. Mississauga Ont. 1978 Java Green  former member 1997-2009

Frank W Perth Ontario, with a street legal former racer.

Mark D. Kahnawake,QC is brand new to Minis and rescued his from a field.

Mathieu C Ile -Bizard. Mathieu has had his Mini  over 20 years and is now back..

Wally C of Woodlawn Ontario.

Roy P of Dieppe NB  with a 1987 Mini.

José C of Pierrefonds bought a lime green 1275cc from Toronto.

Perry C of Laval is looking for a running Mini. Let me know if you have one...


Felix Gougeon-L  with a Green Mini... has sold his Mini...

Blair B , 1969 Mini 998, Brossard. Java green    and planning on painting the roof.. Car is from Alberta.


Gabriel T-D

1971 Mini 998 , Green and white with a history in the club. Bought in the Saguenay and now in Montreal.

Arthur M of Victoriaville, He has a 1979 which he would like to convert to a V-Tec.

Philippe of Candiac who picked up a Mini in Swift Current. A red 1979

Ali S. who has moved from the UK to Toronto and brought his 1998 Mini with him.

Daniel G of Candiac . with  Blue Mini coming from Alberta.

Denis L of Kingston Ontario with two Minis a station wagon and a sedan.





IMM 2022 is in Bavaria in May 26-30.

I speak German and I am  willing to put together a group for the IMM 2022 . Who wants to come with us?


New x-ray club shirts are available in sizes small to xxxxl  t-shirts $10-$12. Long sleeved t-shirts are $15.00

Colours are charcoal grey for the t-shirts and Black for the long sleeved versions. 



Reserve yours for pick up at the next event. rileydeb@bell.net

All older 4 Mini club t-shirts are now on sale for $5.00 each.

There is now only one Mini for sale on the cars for sale page.

Want to have some fun try designing your own Mini at :www.oildrippers.de

Pierre B is looking for 2 or 3 Rostyle Wheels  4.5 x 10  contact him directly at pierregillesbertrand@videotron.ca