avril 2020

La prochaine reunion est annulé. Covid 19  ....


Il y avait 16 membres au reunion du mars.

Normand a recu un Mini Moke Vitesse comme geste d'appreciation pour son travail pour encourager les membres a amiliorer leurs Minis.

Les deux premieres prix du tirage etait gagné par Debbie et Keith qui ont redonné leurs prix. Les Minis etait gagnés par Hill G. et Normand.  Une Mini Montre Carlo Solido et un Mini Montre Carlo Vitesse. 

 Rob McC a recu une paque pour avoir conduit plus que 12000 km en 2019.

Bienvenu a Luis Manrique. Qui a un Mini Cooper 2016. Luis est photograph professional et un de ses amis est Videographeur alors si vous chercher qqln pour une marriage ou autre evenement contactez lui.

Son site web est https:// luismanrique.ca


Les nouvelles t-shirts sont  $10 manches courtes  $12 xl,xxl,xxxl ou xxxxl . $15 manches longues... petit, moyen ou large oi xl. Gris Charcoal ou noire...

Aucune nouveau membre du page Facebook a envoyé leur demande d'etre membre au club!

IMM 2019 est en Angleterre, IMM 2020 est en Allemagne. Qui veut organiser une groupe?  Pour L'Allemagne je suis disponible et je parle Allemande!


Photos sur la page de Cars for Sale.

Pierre B cherche 2 ou 3 roues Rostyle 4.5 x 10... en avez vous?  pierregillesbertrand@videotron.ca

Il y a un site web pour faire votre Mini du reve: www.oildrippers.de


April 2020

The next meeting is cancelled due to the Covid 19  virus. Stay safe.

There were only 16 members at the March meeting.

Normand was given a Vitesse Mini Moke in appreciation for the work he has done to encourage Mini owners to  fix up their Minis.

There was a free raffle for two of Boeby's Monte Carlo Minis. The first two winners were Debbie and Keith who graciously gave up their wins that were eventually won by Hill G and Normand .

It has been announced that the All British car day in Hudson will be May 31st.

Ottawa ABCD will be July 11 at another location Clarke Park. More info to follow.

New member Luis Manrique has a 2016 MINI and is a professional photographer. His friend is a videographer.

New Member Guy L of Montreal, Used to work at Foreign Car parts back in the days.


So if you are planning an event and need a photographer contact him at https://luismanrique.ca

The name of the restaurant has changed but they will still accept coupons and the menu will remain the same.


IMM 2020 is in Bavaria in June. I speak German and I am  willing to put together a group for the IMM 2020 . Who wants to come with us?


New x-ray club shirts are available in sizes small to xxxxl  t-shirts $10-$12. Long sleeved t-shirts are $15.00

Colours are charcoal grey for the t-shirts and Black for the long sleeved versions. 



Reserve yours for pick up at the next event. rileydeb@bell.net

All older 4 Mini club t-shirts are now on sale for $5.00 each.

There is now only one Mini for sale on the cars for sale page.

Want to have some fun try designing your own Mini at :www.oildrippers.de

Pierre B is looking for 2 or 3 Rostyle Wheels  4.5 x 10  contact him directly at pierregillesbertrand@videotron.ca