aout 2022

Prochaine souper chez Barbies a Dorval le 7 septembre a 18:30 RSVP les enfants sont bienvenues.

Car show a Baie D'urfé Fritz Farm le 6 aout

Car Show a Hudson le 13 aout.

Journee Technique et BBQ $7.50 par personne a Laval  le 21 aout.

RSVP SVP avant le 19 aout car il faut acheter la nourriture.

Nouveaux membres:

Son N. Markham, On. Mini Moke and  1979 Mini 998cc.

Jim B. Orillia, On. 1071 S, 1275 S.

Paul C. Edmundston, NB, 1986 Mini.

Mark L. Pickering , On.

Katharine D. Carleton Place , On. Cherche un Mini.

Jerome F. Matane, Qc 1976 Mini.

Bruce H, Saskatoon, SK. Plusieurs Minis.

Yvan T. Laval, Qc 1979 Mini bleu 1275cc.

Brian G. Rothesby , NB. 1977 Mini projet.

Jack Wai Kin C. St Philippe , Qc ; Cherche un Mini.

Eric St P. St Bruno, Qc.  1980 Mini .

Sylvain D. St Jerome,Qc . chereche un Mini

Corey M. Nestleton, On. 1979 1380cc Super charged.

Mark B. Kirkland, Qc. MGB GT.

Jeff F.  Burlington, Ontario 1978 Mini.

Anthony P. Guelph, Ontario . 1994  Mini 1275

Claude ST A. Granby , Qc Cherche un Mini.

Danny C. Essex On.  1979 Min pour restoration.

Mike T. Burlington , On.  2000 Mini Japonais rouge, 

Kevin C. Stittsville , On. Mini Monte Carlo clone and Mini Moke.

Charles P. St Jean  D'iberville , Qc . 1979 Mini  998 cc Java vert.

Nicolas R. St.Brigide d'iberville, Qc.1978 Mini 998cc.

Olivier B. Quebec , Quebec. 1991 Mini Japonais.


Les nouvelles t-shirts sont  $10 manches courtes  $12 xl,xxl,xxxl ou xxxxl . $15 manches longues... petit, moyen ou large ou xl. Gris Charcoal ou noire...

T-shirts oranges  Petit seulement $5.00

Cotons ouates , Hoodies /capuchons $15- $25 commandes speciales.

Merci d'encouragé notre club sans but lucratif.



August 2022

The next club supper is back at Barbies in Lachine. Children are welcome.

September 7th at  6 :30 p.m.  rsvp

 There's another car show on August 13th in Hudson.

 Tech Day in Laval is August 21st with a BBQ lunch $7.50

RSVP as usual. 

No later than August 19th  for your tire needs.

Remember to present your membership card and get $30 a set of four.

No card, no discount. If you need a replacement card let me know.


Keep safe in your garages and please send in photos of  your projects to


Events are being planned and emails are being sent. If you did not receive an email send me one please


Welcome to new members:

Son N. Markham, On.  Mini Moke and 1979 Mini 998cc.

Jim B. Orillia , On. 1071 S, 1275 S.

Paul C. Edmundston, NB. 1986 Mini.

Mark L. Pickering, On.

Katharine D.  Carleton Place , On. Looking for a Mini.

Jerome F. Matane, Qc . 1976 Mini .

Bruce H. Saskatoon, SK. Many Minis..

Yvan T. Laval, Qc  1275 Mini 1979.

Brian G. Rothesby, NB.  1977 Mini project.

Jack Wai Kin C.St Philippe. Qc. is looking for a Mini.

Eric St P. St Bruno, Qc. 1980 Mini.

Sylvain D. Ste Jerome, Qc. Looking for a Mini.

Corey M. Nestleton , Ontario. 1979 Super Charged 1380cc.

Mark B. Kirkland, Qc . MGB GT.

Jeff F.  Burlington, Ontario. 1978 Mini.

Anthony P. Guelph, Ontario.  1994 Mini 1275.

Claude St A. Granby, Qc. Looking for a Mini.

Mike T. Burlington  On. 2000 Mini Mayfair.

Danny C. Essex, On. 1979 Mini 1275cc to be restored.

Kevin C. Stittsville, On. Mini Monte Carlo Clone and Mini Moke.

Charle P. St Jean D'iberville. 1979 Java green Mini 998cc.

Nicolas R. St Brigide D'iberville . 1978 Mini 998cc,

Olivier B. Quebec , Quebec. 1991 Mini from Japan.




IMM 2022 is in Bavaria has been postponed again as they cannot gather the 2000 people expected to attend. Also the current war in the Ukraine is making travel to and from Europe an unnecessary risk.

I speak German and I am  willing to put together a group for the IMM 2024 . Who wants to come with us?

New x-ray club shirts are available in sizes small to xxxxl  t-shirts $10-$12. Long sleeved t-shirts are $15.00 Hoodies are $25.

Colours are charcoal grey for the t-shirts and Black for the long sleeved versions. 

Sweat shirts and Hoodies  $15 -$25

A special on Orange Adult size small  t-shirts are $5.00

Reserve yours for pick up at the next event.