Mini Meet East 2012

On behalf of Mainly Minis Montreal we would like to thank everyone who attended Mini Meet East 2012
We would also like to thank:
Mini Spares for the Tax Discs, Denys  T. for making the discs and Catherine for cutting them all out.
Paulo for helping with al the printing of signs, People's chocie and the booklet and the certificates.
Serge Tardif for the Power washers and the water.
Joanne and Zep for the wash buckets and all the goodies.
G.A. Printing for doing the gift bags at cost.
Stephanie for her penmanship on the car cards.
Rebecca, Stephanie , Carol and Catherine  for tabulating the votes.Setiing up the rooms and selling t-shirts.
Haley and Gwen and Brian, for all their help at the hospitality suite.
Martin F. for the designs and the Lanyards.
Talon Tire for the flashlights and for coming to the site with tires for sale.
Mini Magazine, Suzie "Rabied Mushroom" for the goodies.
Benoit Lavigne for his vintage model collection and t-shirt collection.
Denys T for the printer and the printer and the printer...
Denis Boisvert for helping set up the picture and supplying a bbq.
His crew who built the team event car.
Stephane Boisvert for the Maple Syrup.
SMCC for the Rallye
CADL for Sanair and the autocross.
The staff of the Cheribourg for everything.
BMC for the bottles of water, gift certifictes and James Doolin for the fender covers.
ABS for the gift certificates.
Mini City for the gift certificates.

Mini  Meet East 2012 is now over.
See you next year....location to be announced soon.


1)   Jeff F.  1978 Mini
2)   Keith and Deb. 1967 Riley Elf         
3)   Big Al  & Joyce 1980 Mini Pick Up.
4)   Ben & Carol BMC 1981 Mini Van
5)   Jeanne & Nick L. 1975 Mini Countryman
6)   Robert & Winnie 1993 Mini Long distance award
7)   Tim ,Sara,Charles and Priscilla,1969 Super De-lux Mini.
8)   Jean Claude and Ginette 1979 Mini
9)   Marcel B. 1980 Mini 1000 Cdn bumpers
10) Guy B.  and Marylene P.1975 Mini Pick Up 1380cc
11) Claude & Nicole G. 1976 Mini 1275
12)  Keith and Annette D. 1981 Mini Moke 998cc
13)  Dave B.1979 Mini 998cc
14) Normand and Nadia 1976 Mini 1275cc Hard luck not for this Mini but the one he was supposed to bring.
15) Alain and Maryse P. 1978 Mini 1275cc
16) Kim and Marek and Emma 79 Mini Sedan
17) Eric and Nathalie, Tristan and Nicolas ,1977 Mini 1275cc
18) Paul and Judy, 2005 MINI COOPER JCW Convertible
19) Micael 1983 Austin Mini V-Tec 1800cc FTD Auto cross
20) Bert & Nathalie 1979 Mini 998cc
21) John G. 1994 Rover Mini Cooper 1275cc
22) Paulo 1981 Ozy  Mini Moke 1275c
23) Derick & Lorine ,1965 Wolseley Hornet 1275cc
24) Ken L. ,1965 Morris Mini Minor Traveler 1293cc
25) Ron B. 1973 Mini Clubman 1275cc
26) Ahren & Kristy  1974 Mini 1275 cc
27) Mike S. 1987 Austin Mini City E RHD
28) Coreen S. and  Corey (11)2012 MINI COOPER KNIGHTSBRIDGE(concourse only)
29) Glenn B. 1964 Austin Cooper S.
30) David and Marge, 2003 BMW MINI COOPER
31) Iain & Donna, 1972 Innocenti Mini Cooper 1312cc
32) Mike & Susan, 1977 Austin Mini Cabriolet 1300cc
33) Denis B. 1967 Ausitn Mini Moke
34) Mark and Chantal,1963 Mini Cooper Sedan 1293cc
35) Ted and Kaye W. 1978 Austin Mini 998cc
36) Rudy ,Carlene(7) and Anna.1979 Austin Mini Supercharged. Best colour combination,1st place MKIII-IV
37) Denys and Guylaine , Riley or 1979 Mini 1275cc
38) Philippe, Annie, Laurent(14) and Juliette(11),1977 Austin Mini 998 cc
39) Keith C., Stephanie, Catherine, Rebecca 1979 Mini 1275cc
40) Faith and Bruce, 1967 Austin Mini Sedan 1098cc
41) Steve, Joanne and Alexander, 1981 Mini V-tech 1600cc
42) Sam and Marian. 2003 BMW MINI COOPER S
43) Michael and Maureen S, 1963 Austin Cooper S 1275cc
44) Scott and Cameron(11) 1972 Custom Mini Mazda B3 1295cc
45) Robin and Janet,1968 Ausitn Moke Buckboard 848cc
46) Ryan, Les and Susie, 1969 Austin Mini van 1275cc
47) Tamer"Joltfreak" , Nancy, Xavier (5)  Matthew(10) 1976 Austin Mini Saloon 1310cc
48) Serge and Nathalie and Myriam(16). 1979 Austin Mini 1300cc
49) Rob and Erica,1976 Mini Saloon 1000cc
50) Dennis Greenwood. 1968 Austin Mini Moke(concourse only)
51) Lucie and Gene, 1995 1300 spi(concourse only)
52) Myriam Tardif  1976 Austin Mini 1300cc, received this Mini as her graduation gift!!!
53) Brian , Gwen and Haley(18) 1980 Mini 1380cc
54) Hill,Elizabeth and Mason(13) 1995 Mini 1.3 spi
55) Simon Lacroix, 2011 JCW MINI (concourse only)
56) Martin F, 1972 Mini Clubman wagon.
57) Roger and Sandra,1978 Austin Mini Saloon 1300cc
58) David,  Max(7) and Vincent(5),1962 Austin Beach Car 1100cc
59) Barbara and David N. 1978 Austin Mini sedan 1275cc
60) Andre and France, 1986 Mini 1000cc(concourse only)
61) no show
62) Bob and Greg,1969 Riley Elf MKIII 1300 cc
63) John and Lisa, Jessica(6), Julia(9).1965 Austin Mini Moke 850 cc..
64) Dan, Deanne, Daniel and Anthony 1967 Austin Mini Moke
65) Hether and Joe,  1978 Austin Mini 998cc
66) Veronique B. 1975 Austin Mini Moke
67) Nick and Ingrid, 1974 Mini Innocenti.1275cc 1st place rallye
69) Marco and Natalie ,1978 Austin Mini 1300cc People's choice, Best  Engineered, Best Interior, Best Engine compartment.
70) Kevin, Lauri and Aaron (8) no Mini.
71) Chantale et Bernard, 1979 Mini 1000cc.
72)  Hrach's 1963 Austin woody Wagon 1275cc(concourse only)
73)Julien L 1979 Austin Mini Van 998cc(concourse only)
74)Claude and  Sylvie Chouinard(concourse only)
75)Philippe and Denis ,1987 Austin Mini 998cc